Unobfuscated version of Uber jar for AEM

The "UberJar" is the informal name given to a special Java Archive (JAR) file provided by Adobe. This JAR file contains all of the public Java APIs exposed by Adobe Experience Manager. It includes limited external libraries as well, specifically all public APIs available in AEM which come from the Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Lucene, Google Guava, and two libraries used for image processing (Werner Randelshofer's CYMK JPEG ImageIO library and the TwelveMonkeys image library). The UberJar only contains API interfaces and classes, meaning that it only contains interfaces and classes which are exported by an OSGi bundle in AEM. It also contained a MANIFEST.MF file containing the correct package export versions for all of these exported packages, thus ensuring that projects built against the UberJar have the correct package import ranges.

Can you show me an example of using the UberJar?

Yes indeed.

Where can I download the obfuscated version?

There is an obsfucated version available on without any authentication requirement.

Where can I download the unobfuscated version?

How do I use it?

To use the unobfuscated UberJar, use this dependency (and not the one above) in your pom.xml file (or other build script):


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